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>> tonight, under attack-- craigs list takes down the controversial adult services section from its web site. i'm anthony mason. also tonight on this labor day weekend, the president starts to outline a plan to jump start the economy and create jobs while republicans say the problem is mr. obama himself. former british prime minister tony blair on his book tour, faces a backlash and protest. and drilling for natural gas in shale deposits. is it a bonanza for landowners or a disaster for the environment? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor.
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>> good evening, jeff is off. we begin with a stunning turnaround by one of the web's most popular and controversial sites. craigslist, after months of pressure, abruptly took down the adult services section of its web site today. bill whitaker has the details. >> reporter: this is what greeted visitors to the adult services section of craigslist today-- censored. the online classified ads network apparently bowing to public pressure and mounting criticism that the site was little more than a high-tech marketplace for prostitution and human trafficking. recently, 17 state attorneys general turned up the heat signing this letter demanding that the site be taken down. today, connecticut's attorney general applauded the decision. >> craigslist fortly is doing the right thing. >> the attorneys general reported to this cnn report. the site's founder was confronted about ads that seemed to be soliciting sex. >> she writes, $250 an hour."
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what do you think she's selling in her bra and underaware, a dinner date? >> reporter: adult services was one of the most popular sections of the network, expected to bring in $36 million this year, 30% of overall projected profits of $122 million. the site, known for fairly explicit ads and pictures has made a number of changes over the years, changing the name from "erotic services" to "adult services" for example. last year the c.e.o. of the company told cbs news all ads are monitored to prevent sexual solicitation. >> erotic category is there for legal operating businesses, escort services and massage parlors, et cetera, that are willing to operate on the right side of the law. >> reporter: but the site came in for intensified criticism when phillip markoff, the so-called craigslist killer, used it to lure his victim. women's advocates say craigslist enabled the victimization of women. >> craigslist was wal-mart of sex trafficking.
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hopefully, what craigslist has done will serve as an example to the other less-visited web sites. >> there is clearly the very distinct danger that other sites will become sources of these ads, that they'll simply migrate there. >> reporter: craigslist had called it a matter of free speech. now this appears to be the final word. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> president obama will unveil a new plan to create jobs next week. the white house had promised a recovery summer, but unemployment rose to 9.6% last month, and more than six million people have been out of work for half a year or longer. with the midterm elections approaching, the economy is now front and center. with more here is senior white house correspondent bill plante. bill. >> reporter: good evening, anthony. that's right, democrats' chances of holding on to one or maybe even both howlses of congress are sinking as unemployment rises. and the president is getting a lot of the blame. >> where are the jobs?
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the obama administration told the american people this would be a recovery summer. but our economy continues to lose jobs. >> reporter: president obama, who has been saying there's no quick fix but things are getting better, will announce some new proposals to help small business next wednesday in cleveland. >> we want to keep this-- this recovery moving stronger and accelerate the job growth that's needed so desperately all across the country. >> reporter: the likely proposals, all tax breaks rather than new spending, include temporary business tax credits for hiring new workers, temporary employer tax incentives for jobs in clean energy, and making permanent the tax credit for research and development. the administration also plans to roll out additional mortgage help for homeowners. realistically, says economist mark zandi, none of this is likely to help the president and democrats when voters go to the polls in two months. >> there isn't a lot that can be between d.n.a. that would make a meaningful difference to the job
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market, certainly not in the near term, not over the next six to fine months. >> reporter: the standoff in congress between republicans and democrats has continued. mr. balm has lashed out repeatedly to republicans for opposing his small business tax cuts. >> it's good for small business people. it's good for our economy and i don't want the republicans in the senate have blocked this bill. >> reporter: and republicans are also likely to block the extension of tax cuts expiring this year if the president insists on ending the cuts if incomes over 250,000. >> he wants to stop some tax hikes and not others, once again putting the government in a position of picking winners andd losers and pitting taxpayer against taxpayer. >> reporter: the president will spend most of his time in the coming weeks talking about what his administration has done to help people to help improve the economic picture. he'll spend it blaming the bush administration for the inherited deficits and promising things will get better. republicanrepublicans are bettit
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won't work. anthony. >> bill plante at the white house. thanks, bill. this week's jobs report was better than most economists expected, but the private sector add only 67,000 jobs last month, about half the number needed just to keep up with population growth. but some employers out there are desperate for workers as jay dow explains. >> reporter: chip polly's growing mortgage business, based outside boston, needs workers. >> these jobs are full-time jobs, 100% benefits. >> reporter: he has two dozen openings, but even the best plantes will need training. >> it can take four to eight weeks to get someone up and running. >> reporter: even with unemployment hovering near double digits for the last 16 months, there are three million unfilled jobs in this country, many health care and green jobs, but aplicantz often lack required skills. >> when we start looking at the bank statements... >> reporter: to address that,
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polly started a training program. >> to help keep our people up to date with all the changes in the industry. >> reporter: with 180 employees, poli mortgage group is considered a small business, a category which accounted for a majority of the nation's 67,000 new hires last month. >> training programs are much less effective in an economy like this one where there are lack of job openings really across the board. >> reporter: poli is doing what he can. he took on 20 more employees this week. >> the unemployment situation is a big number. i don't know if our industry will have that big an effect on it, but i'll tell you, people come in here that aren't trained, and they do pick it up. they do work hard. , you know, i've knot a big belief in the american people. they go to work. they get it done. >> reporter: but there are certainly five unemployed workers for every available job, and economists say, until employers start to see a rise in demand for their goods and services, it is unlikely we are going to trade our way out of this recession. jay dow, cbs news, new york.
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>> reporter: what's left of former hurricane earl, now a tropical depression, is headed toward newfoundland tonight after passing over nova scotia earlier today. is gone what earl didn't do to the u.s. it did to canada. blasting nova scotia when it came ashore this morning, offering a finishing kick to this largely oversold storm. by contrast, along the u.s. atlantic coast, the sigh of relief at earl's weakness seemed almost as powerful as the hurricane's winds. >> i was really happy that nothing bad happened. >> reporter: on cape hatteras, earl's first target, they reopened a bridge to the north carolina mainland anda the tourists resurfaced. in rhode island, a big surf was the only remnant of the storm.
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there was some beach erosion on long island, but the damage was light compared to the drum roll of predictions. >> a team of reporters and meter olses will bring you live coverage over the next hour and a half. >> reporter: trees were felled in nantucket, but looking at the beaches and shoppers, the scene did not resemble the state of emergency the massachusetts governor declared just hours ago. >> i was thrilled, you know. the sun was out and shining. people are walking around town. >> reporter: indeed, the federal emergency management team said no states had even asked for assistance. this sign in chatham said it all. so hurricane earl is gone, having left behind clear skies and few memories. anthony. >> dean reynolds in chadam, massachusetts. hope you goat have a great weekend there. a state of emergency has been declared on new zealand's south island after a major earthquake struck christchurch.
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more than 100 billions were badly damaged. at a book signing in ireland, tony blair received a rude reception from protesters who threw eggs and shoes at the former british prime minister. blair's new mem wrors a bestseller, but as elizabeth palmer reports, the reviewers are divided on the man himself. >> reporter: tony blair is a man both loved and loathed. as he arrived at a dublin bookstore, police had to fight to keep his protesters away from him, while nearby, devoted fans lined up for a signed copy of his book. >> tony blair has been a great man for this country. he's a great politician. >> well, don't go out, children, because the grinning ego maniac is back. >> reporter: this memoir is an insider's view of a decade in power. it offers a glimpse of royal tradition. about to be appointed prime minister, blair was told, "you don't actually kiss the queen's hands. you brush them gently with your lips." about princess diana, he tried
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to warn her off her boyfriend, dodi fayed, but she didn't like it, he writes. weeks later she was killed in a crash in fayed's car. but getting most of the attention is the is the section on george w. bush and the iraq war. in twoi 3-- in 2003, in spite of the biggest antiwar protest in a generation, blair decided to back the american invasion of iraq. >> would you welcome, please, mr. tony blair. ( applause ). >> reporter: a decision he is now having to defend constantly on his book tour, whether on late night tv or in tough political interviews. >> how can you not feel sorry about people who have died? i mean you wouldn't be human if you didn't think that, but when i'm asked whether i regret the decision, i have to say i take
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responsibility for it, but i can't regret the decision. >> reporter: mindful that this book is his legacy in more ways than one, blair will give all the proceeds, including his $7 million advance, to a charity that helps wounded british soldiers. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> and coming up on tonight's cbs evening news, it's called fracking-- a drilling method that's dividing rural landowners.
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>> mason: the shale deposits that lie beneath 34 states harbor large reserves of natural gas and could help meet the nation's energy needs for decades to come. but the process of extracting that natural gas, called fracking, is fueling environmental fears. chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian has
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more. >> reporter: like many in western pennsylvania, stephanie halwitch watched her once-pristine neighborhood become an industrial site as evidenced by this video she shot. >> you can't live like this. it's so stressful every single day. >> reporter: today, she believes, three natural gas drilling operations bordering her property turned her well water black, forcing her to purchase this tank of fresh water every month. the air uncertain. >> i'm very afraid health-wise for the kids just because of the exposure to the water, and the constant not knowing what we're breathing in outside. >> reporter: the hallowwitch home sits near the center of the marsleis shale an energy rich geological formation stretching from new york to tennessee. in pennsylvania, 60 gas companies hold more than 4500 permits to drill, almost half granted this year alone. >> the development of shale gas in the marsleis and across the country is a very important part
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of the nation's energy strategy. >> reporter: what's driving the drilling rush here and across the country are advanced in hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, a process whereby millions of gallons of waters and chemicals are below the ground. it is at the surface where >> no water for gas! >> reporter: at public meetings... >> green energy should not put lives in danger. >> reporter: ...environmental griewppedz, and, groups, and prodrilling land owners who receive royalties. >> it is my house, it is my land, it is my property and i deserve to be able to frac if that's what i want to do. >> reporter: ...have squared off over potential health risks and safety. >> there is no such thing as
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zero-impact drilling, even when things go well. >> reporter: john hanger is head of pennsylvania's department of environmental protection. since 2008 he's doubled the number of state regulators and inspectors to oversee the gas industry. you have found evidence of chemical contaminants in the water? >> spills at the surface or leaks at the surface have, in fact, contaminated people's drinking water. >> reporter: yet nationwide, the industry is not required to dissclose what potentially toxic chemicals, like hydrochloric acid, are used in the drilling process. a 2005 bill proposed by the bush administration stripped the e.p.a.'s ability to regulate fracking, leaving it in the hands of individual states. >> i think industry is way out of bound for not disclosing the lists of chemital chemicals. i think industry is close to insane to allow that issue to have become a source of suspicion. >> reporter: much like the quality of air and water now surrounding thousands of home sites like this one.
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displais for the third year in a row, worst drivers in the united states are from washington, d.c citizens of the nation's capital, according to the all state best driver's report, are twice as likely to have an accident as the average driver. second worst are drivers in neighboring baltimore, maryland. who is the best? that honor went to the folks behind the wheeled in fort collins, colorado. overseas japan's newborn giant pandas met ther adoring public today. the brother and sister cubs were born last month. it's the mother's second set of twinsz. they have not been named yet. and things are really hopping in denmark at the recent danish rabbit jumping championship. owners led their sometimes-balky
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bunnies over gates and obstacles to compete in four events. the sport, which started in sweden in the 1970s, is popular in scandinavia. we're not aware of a u.s. open for rabbits yet. speaking of the u.s. open, it's teenager versus veteran on the tennis court, and youth doesn't it's just so frustrating. the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. so today i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder. [ female announcer ] if you're suffering, today is the day to talk to your doctor and ask about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents all day and all night. plus, toviaz comes with a simple plan with tips on food and drink choices. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma or cannot empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz. toviaz can cause blurred vision and drowsiness,
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>> mason: the dreams of an up-and-coming american teenager ran into the reality of a former number one at the u.s. open today. the results were what you might call a teachable moment. tony guida was there. >> reporter: meet the precocious young woman who is this year's answer to the perennial question-- what might the future of women's tennis in this country look like? >> beatrice is without a doubt one of our up-and-comers. >> reporter: beatrice is beatrice capra of ellicott city, maryland, 18 years old, amateur, ranked 371st, the sibeeria of tennis. but instead of laboring in the frozen tundra, capra is enjoying the stimulating sunshine of her finest tennis week and at the u.s. open, no less. >> you know, it's just unreal, and i'm so excited i was able to get through today. >> reporter: capra fought her way into the u.s. open by winning a wild card slot. she won her first round match
6:27 pm
and then catapulted to instant stardom in the second round, upsetting the open's 18th seed, aravanne rezai. we've seen this movie before, just last year, 17-year-old melanie oudin of georgia sprinkled star dust all over the tournament making it to the quarter final beating maria sharapova along the way. but youthful ambition is often no match for experience. 18-year-old beatrice capra's attempt to reach the top of women's tennis is tough enough, but now comes word that the best are getting older. the average age of the women in the top 10 spots is 26. a sea change from the late 1990s when martina hingis turned pro at 14 and reached the number one ranking fewer than three years later. lindsay davenport broke into the top 20 by the time she was 17. bubut... beatrice capra wasn't thinking about age today. she was thinking that to reach the next level she had to get
6:28 pm
past the same maria sharapova, now 23. with buffeting winds and sharapova's punishing ground strokes capra was beaten 6-love, 6-love. in tennis they call it a double bagel. >> i got double bagelled but now i know what i need to work on. >> a former tour player concurred. >> she's got a lot to take away from this event from how she won her matches and how she lost today. >> reporter: capra is planning to spend the next year playing professional tournaments to raise her skill. she hopes to be back here next year. tony guida, cbs news, at the u.s. open. >> mason: and that's the cbs evening news. later tonight on cbs "48 hours mystery." russ mitchell will be here tomorrow night. i'm anthony mason, cbs news in new york. thanks for watching. good night. have a great weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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craigslist caves to pressure over an adult services section. why one local congress woman is skeptical of the web site's intentions. another day of digging for the body of a missing man. how police have connected him to a recent murder spree. and the first clues come to light in the investigation of a plane crash. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the craigslist web site has apparently given up the legal fight over erotic ads posed on the web site. the site has shut down the adult services section and replaced it with a black bar that simply says censored. don knapp has more on what is behind the move. >> reporter: and craigslist has long protested that there is stuff much more dangerous on the internet than what it is doin

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